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Victoria Zavitz Criminal Lawyer London

Victoria Zavitz

Criminal Defence Lawyer

Victoria Zavitz is your defence.

Victoria is an experienced trial lawyer who has successfully defended clients facing many types of charges, including impaired driving, aggravated assault, sexual assault and trafficking of drugs and firearms. She provides a vigorous defence for her clients and is committed to making sure their rights are protected. Victoria regularly appears in the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice on all aspects of criminal litigation including trials, applications, bail hearings, and constitutional challenges.

Victoria completed her Juris Doctor at Bond University in Australia, where she graduated with first class distinction. Upon graduating from law school, Victoria was the recipient of a number of awards for her academic achievements in criminal and constitutional law. She gained experience in criminal defence work while working with the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders Legal Service in Brisbane, Australia, which focuses on advocacy and representation of Indigenous Australians facing criminal charges. She was also a student editor of the University’s law review journal. Victoria further holds an honours degree from Western University in London and completed her undergraduate studies while at the University of Queensland.

She is a member of the Middlesex Law Association, the London Criminal Lawyers Association and the Ontario Lawyers Association. She is also a chair of the Women’s Mentorship Group for criminal defence lawyers in London.

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  • Drugs & Controlled Substances
  • Impaired Driving
  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Sexual Assaults
  • Young Offenders

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