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If you have been charged with an offence you need Hardy and Associates to defend your case.

As a London based law firm, we offer professional legal services and representation
to clients across Southwestern Ontario.  As a three person team we are available in emergency situations

The lawyers at Hardy & Associates work specifically defending criminal cases. We offer a
range of services to accommodate the needs of our clients looking for legal representation.


Impaired driving defense is very technical.  The law is complex and often evolving.  If you are charged with operating a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drug you want to retain a lawyer who defends these matters frequently.  Jack Hardy, Damon Hardy and Marcia Hilliard all ensure they stay up to date with the changes to the law in this area and have all defended many clients charged with these offences.



Drug matters are complicated.  They often involve search warrants, surveillance, cellphone analysis, expert evidence and Charter arguments.  A Charter argument is an application brought by an accused saying their rights as protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms have been violated.  Our firm has brought many successful Charter applications.  A drug conviction can make it difficult to cross the border and get employment.  If you are charged with a drug offence contact us today to speak with Jack, Damon or Marcia about your case.



A domestic matter is any offence in which the complainant is, or was at any time, a partner of the person charged.  These are sensitive cases as the parties often share children, property, family, really a life.  As such, they often need to progress as quickly as possible, while also being represented by someone who understands the stress of such a charge.



Sexual assault charges have gained a lot of attention in the media in the past years.  Many of these charges go to trial, including jury trials.  Each of our lawyers have represented many accused persons charged with sexual assaults at trial and secured acquittals.  This includes jury trials and preliminary hearings.  Our firm is known for being well prepared and are skilled litigators.  We have at times hired an investigator to assist in the preparation of defense.



Anyone under 18 years of age is considered a `youth` in Court.  As a youth there are very special sentencing and bail considerations available under the specialized youth act, the Youth Criminal Justice Act.  If you or a family member are charged with an offence as a youth you want to hire a lawyer who frequently appears in the youth court and understands the specialized rules.  Each of our lawyers fit this category, appearing weekly in the Youth Court.



We represent clients charged under the Highway Traffic Act.  Careless driving, stunt driving, driving while suspended or any other serious Highway Traffic Act can have large fines, can result in license suspensions, demerit points and significant insurance consequences.    If you are charged with a serious provincial offence contact us today to discuss.