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Damon Hardy. Criminal Lawyer

Damon Hardy

Criminal Defence Lawyer. London, Ontario

Damon Hardy is your defence

Damon was born and raised in London. He graduated from law at the University of Westernn Ontario and was called to the bar in 2002.

Damon’s practice is restricted to criminal defence work only. He represents clients from all walks of life, including accused individuals who are Youths, accused individuals who self-identify as Aboriginal (and who appear in the specialized “Gladue” Court for Aboriginal Offenders), accused individuals with mental health issues (and who appear in the specialized Adult Therapeutic Court) as well as more “main-stream” accused individuals charged with all types of criminal offences.

Jack started his private practice as a sole practioner. In 2000, his son Damon Hardy joined the practice, and in 2008, expanded again by adding Marcia Hilliard to the team.

Damon’s practice covers a broad spectrum from the defence of police officers to the defence of individuals accused of being part of organized crime.

Damon offers a free 30 minute consultation. Contact the office at 519-438-2708 to schedule your appointment, or contact him directly by email at: damon@hardycriminallaw.com

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  • Theft
  • Drugs & Controlled Substance
  • Impaired Driving
  • Assault
  • Murder

Legal Aid Certificates Accepted

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